Analyst Coverage
edenor is covered by the analyst mentioned below. Please consider that the opinions, estimations or projections related to edenor expressed by said analysts represent their personal opinion exclusively and in any way the opinions, projections or estimations from the Company’s management. edenor is not responsible for the information, conclusions or recommendations that the mentioned analysts may provide.
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Analyst Coverage
Company Analyst Instrument email
Allaria Ledesma Guido Bizzozero Equity
AR Partners Santiago Wesenack Equity
Banco Mariva Francisco Mattig Equity and Fixed Income
Banco Bradesco Gustavo Fingueret Equity
Sofía Ordoñez Equity sofia.ordoñ
Bank of America Merril Lynch Francis McGann Equity
Vicente Falanga Neto Equity
Larrain Vial Johanna Yuri Vogel Equity
Puente Hermanos Juan Manuel Vázquez Equity and Fixed Income
Santander Walter Chiarvesio Equity
Santander María Carolina Carneiro Equity
TPCG Florencia Mayorga Torres Equity
Credit Rating
Rating agency National Qualif. International Qualif. Date
Standard & Poor's Insitutional RaBBB (Stable Outlook) Dec. 2017
Financial Debt RaBBB (Stable Outlook) B- (Stable Outlook) Dec. 2017
Moody's Latam Equity Categoría 1 Dec. 2017
Financial Debt (Stable Outlook) B1 (Stable Outlook) Dec. 2017
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